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Go Forward Leadership - Making Law Boring, Is Incredibly Exciting
Episode 4611th January 2022 • Elevate.Together.Podcast. • Elevate Services
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Elevate Is Running a Differentiated Race.

With great pleasure, we share this podcast episode featuring members of the Elevate corporate management team and our functional leadership.  The topics covered stem from Elevate having completed ten years providing consulting, technology, and services in the legal industry, and the occasion of Elevate reaching $100M in revenue, which will occur in 2022.  What is enlightening about the voices you'll hear in this recording is the confidence built on their experience, success and the future of Elevate and the fast-growing legal services business.

Programming Note: Each of our nine participants will introduce themselves at the beginning of the recording while answering our first question, what two words Our CMO and host for this podcast, Nicole Giantonio, will announce each speaker during the recording to aid the listener.

[00:41] When you look at Elevate and our work today, what are two words that describe our contribution to the legal market?

Stephen Allen: Stephen is Elevate's Vice President of Get Shit Done based in the UK. Stephen describes Elevate as collaborative and empowering.

Joyce Thorne: Joyce is Elevate's Vice President of People, and I'm in Michigan in the US. Her words describing Elevate are collaborative and supportive.

John Croft: John is the President of Elevate and is in London. His two words are law company.

Steve Harmon: Steve is in Park City, Utah. He is the General Counsel and Vice President of Global Services. He describes Elevate as an ecosystem that supports integration.

Sharath Beedu: Sharath is based out of San Francisco, California, and is the Vice President and General Manager of the Product Business at Elevate. Sharath's two words are bold and collaborative.

Myriam Schmell: Is the Vice President of Global Sales and is out of the East Coast of the US. Her two words are audaciousness and fearlessness.

Simon Heyrick: Simon is our CFO and is in Los Angeles, California, and his word is practical. We have practical solutions.

Bud Phillips: Bud is in Virginia, United States, and is the CIO of Elevate. When he thinks of Elevate, the words he thinks of are mindful and grounded.

Nicole Giantonio: Nicole is the Chief Marketing Officer here at Elevate. She lives in New York City, and her two words are transformative and smart.

Liam Brown: Liam is the chairman and CEO of Elevate based in Los Angeles, California. His words are deliver differently.

[05:27] Contracting with legal services companies and legal technology is not an alternative. It is the normal way of doing things.

[08:01] Elevate is supporting the movement to recognise the value creators in the legal ecosystem are not limited to lawyers and barred legal professionals.

[09:26] Expert-led technology-driven solutions provide predictability that allows the practice of law to become routinised, standardised, and another part of the delivery chain, the supply chain.

[11:16] CFOs no longer exempt the legal department from managing their spending.

[12:21] It is critical to provide the software scaffolding that allows our customers to work differently.

[16:13] The problem with point solutions.  

[20:12] Legal may be the last - but it's time, following the footsteps of HRO, BPO, ITO, and FSO.

[22:33] Elevate is committed to running a differentiated race. *If you don't listen to anything else, listen to this section. 

[24:44] Seeing a 10-year path to a billion dollars– if we stay focused.

[27:37] A renewed focus on commercialising, industrialising and scaling our inventions.

[29:18] Enabling our legal customers to move with speed and agility, supporting the people, process and integrated technology journey. 

[32:28] Today, as part of a natural progression, technology and process elements are being mixed and matched.

[34:28] Legal truly changes when it looks at the 'why' of what it's doing.

[35:47] Law companies and law departments will be working differently in the next decade, and law firms will be running a different race.

[37:23] What is the "go forward" future of Elevate?

[39:55] There will be professionals interested in what we're doing this decade who have studied a more holistic version of the practice of law.

Thank you for listening.