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Causepods - The Podcast Consultant EPISODE 37, 13th February 2020
Step Up by Stepping Out with Jason Jacobs of My Climate Journey
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Step Up by Stepping Out with Jason Jacobs of My Climate Journey

Our guest today is Jason Jacobs, host of the podcast, My Climate Journey. Jason led a long career as the (former) Co-Founder and CEO of the popular fitness app, Runkeeper (acquired by ASICS). Like many of us, Jason always had a strong conviction to care for the environment and after his app was sold, he decided he wanted to do more, but didn’t know how. So, he began making his private climate journey public and soon enough, My Climate Journey emerged. 

As you can tell by the podcast name, Jason’s cause is all about his evolution of getting into the fight to help save the environment, help save the planet, and help make for a better world for the next generation and beyond. What started out a newsletter to a few friends, the My Climate Journey podcast has grown into a thriving community with a strong ethos of collaboration, ambition, determination, and optimism around climate change. 

Often times, many people care about the climate and want to make a difference, but don’t know where to start! According to Jason, the biggest problem is standing right in front of us. The problem is us, and only when we learn how to step out of our own way, can we begin to make a change. My Climate Journey is not only a platform for discussion and interesting conversations, but it has become a proactive catalyst for change, connecting and inspiring more and more people to get educated, share resources, network, work together, and ultimately, take action.

In this episode, Jason shares his own journey, not only with climate change, but with the podcast itself; how it started, how it has evolved, how audiences have responded, and the impact it hopes to make. This episode is also packed with loads of resources and organizations who are setting brilliant examples for us to follow as we set off on our own climate journey’s as companies, leaders, parents, students, scholars, and, ultimately, people who deeply care about the planet and want to make a difference, starting today.


Key Topics:  

•   Jason’s background and how he first started mobilizing around climate change. (01:52)

•   Why Jason decided to make his private learning journey a public learning journey. (02:55)

•   How the intimacy of podcasting led Jason to choose this medium for his cause. (03:28)

•   How creating a podcast can be a catalyst for deeper engagement and networking. (04:32)

•   Using a podcast as a vessel to educate and inspire others around climate change. (06:17)

•   How a podcast can be used to create a culture and ethos around climate change. (08:40)

•   Why the real climate change issue is about getting out of our own way and acting. (11:02)

•   How you can join the fight and begin your own climate journey, starting today! (11:47)

•   Helpful resources and tools to help set you up on your own climate journey. (13:09)

•   It’s more important to get started than to be perfect: advice for new podcasters. (14:32)

Jason Jacobs, Host of My Climate Journey

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