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The Secret Rules You Are Living By And How To Break Them For Massive Growth
Episode 12931st October 2022 • The Lindsay Sutherland Show • Lindsay Sutherland
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Are you ready for a paradigm-shifting episode that is sure to challenge you into a better version of your entrepreneurial self? Click Play! Yes, today is October 31st, in the US and some other countries people are participating in Halloween, a day when children dress up and go door to door saying "Trick or Treat." Most of the time they are rewarded with candy and happily run to the next door.

But, did you know you are playing tricks on yourself? If you are less than completely satisfied in any area of your life, that means you have an underlying "Rule" that you are believing that is keeping you from experiencing your greatest potential.

In this episode, Lindsay reveals how to unveil the Tricky Rules you are living by and how to transform them into new ideas that further your growth.

We all have rules we live by. Some are much less significant than others. And some we did not even invent on our own, they may have been inherited beliefs instilled by our well-meaning parents, teachers, or other adults of influence.

Consider these common rules I hear from mothers.

"I can't go to bed with a dirty kitchen."

"I must make my bed every morning."

"I must marry a man that makes a good living."

You see, many of these types of rules don't keep us stuck and were likely ingrained in us from childhood.

However, there are much spookier rules that we subscribe to day in and day out, often unknowingly.

Consider these rules,

"I must work hard to make money."

"I am not good at technology."

"I can't write a book until I have my course created."

"I need to be certified before I can start charging for what I know."

When we take an honest look at our lives, it is guaranteed, that in any area of our life where we feel unfulfilled, underperforming, or frustrated, we have a verbal script running through our mind that is blocking us from success. The script is some sort of a rule we THINK we have to follow.

Today, I challenge you to break your rules, and start imaging the possibility of your life without subscribing to what you have believed is a fact thus far. How could your life change if you believed you could lose weight easily, or could find true love, or could (You fill in the blank.)

It is on each of us to take an honest account of the rules we are living by and simply consider the possibility of shifting in the direction we want to go.

By changing our focus from the rules we have devoted ourselves to, to shining a light on what could be, we unlock the door of possibility and allow magic to work in our lives.

Today, listen to this episode, then pick one rule you intend to break. Treat yourself this Halloween, to being a positive force in your life. Treat yourself by choosing to think differently about what you are capable of. Treat yourself by challenging your long-standing belief systems.

Then, friend me on Instagram or TikTok and DM me. I want to hear where you are making a change and how this episode has helped you grow.

Thank you for being part of the PIE Tribe.

Bless You,


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