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The Complicated Math of Change, and an Announcement! (No, We're Not Ending!)
Episode 747th July 2023 • Baggage Check: Mental Health Talk and Advice • Dr. Andrea Bonior
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People often say they're "bad with change," or, seemingly less often, that they're good with it. But change isn't a monolith. Different changes can involve vastly different things: are you good at adding things in, but not letting go of things? Are you okay with making room for the idea of new things but not actually doing it? Is commitment itself what's hardest for you?

Today we get real about the concept of change-- and we mean real, because Baggage Check's episode release schedule is about to change, for a very personal (and exciting) reason. If you're ready to debate what the definition of biweekly is, in addition to reflecting on what change is like in your own life, you'll want to listen to today's Baggage Check.

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