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#139: Data Laws and Data and Privacy Health Checks for Loyalty Professionals
Episode 1392nd September 2021 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Three years after the introduction of tighter data regulations & GDPR in Europe, the world of data protection and privacy is only getting more complex. In fact, my guest today described the privacy challenges we face today as a "perfect storm".

From changing cookie laws, to complex data transfers, to the latest class action law suits being brought on behalf of professional footballers, there is now doubt that the tectonic plates in our industry are shifting.

So how can we ensure we're professional, prepared and protected as much as possible? 

While we continue to cope with COVID, our industry is facing rapid changes, such as the increasing use of facial recognition technology & biometrics,  so listen to learn all about the approach you can take to ensure "custom privacy protection by design, which will endure by default". 

Richard Dutton, Managing Director of the Elias Partnership joins me on today's show to explain the concept of a "Data Health Check", what it does, how it helps and how your company can ensure a legally defensible position should a data breach ever occur. 

Show Notes:

1) Richard Dutton

2) Elias Partnership 





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