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FHR #020 Freedom Creation via Cultivating Relationships for Real Estate Investments with Mathew Owens
Episode 2018th September 2020 • Freedom Hack Radio • Bryce Robertson
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  • Mathew is a private lender with over $10M lent out in the multiple markets across the US
  • He has 10+ years of experience in property management, 15+ years as a real estate investor
  • Bryce and Mat discuss the importance of family, multiple businesses workflow, some investment secrets and how to accumulate wealth. 
  • They also cover the power of real estate market, flexible thinking and self-education with pushing your own limits


  • Mathew Owens is CPA & owner of OCG Properties
  • MBA in economics, got his accounting degree from UC Santa Barbara
  • Mathew has bought, renovated, and sold over 700 family properties and for now, he’s acquiring a minimum of 5 properties per month
  • Mat says that kids are the most important thing in his life
  • Matthew told us that when your passive income covers your monthly expenses - you are FINANCIALLY FREE
  • Matthew is a massive advocate of dedication and drive. 
  • Mathew tells us about the biggest challenges for himself as an entrepreneur
  • Matthew talk about his philosophy of successful investing and the importance of cultivating a solid team
  • It’s important that every person in your team understands your goal. Inspire your team to work at increasing their salary to make them financial free - this keeps team members fully motivated
  • Mathew told us that earning a reputation - is an important part of the business, he walks his talk as actions speak louder than words
  • Knowing math is very important for deal analysis,it gives Mat a leading edge on structuring deals
  • College didn't give him the education he needed to make a lot of money, whereas self-education, and pushing limits did!
  • Mat discusses not having an emotional reaction and how to focus on the solutions. This gives him strength and propels him forward
  • There are so many opportunities & so many ways to make money we must choose the best for us and laser focus on it
  • Mathew told us that his main goal is to work on his business, not in his business, empowering his team to handle issues as they come up and spending more time with his family
  • Mat would tell his 20 year old self to have emotional control and keep all the houses he has ever owned instead of selling for a profit
  • Mat expresses the importance of writing a detailed budget including all expenses and then sticking to it. He’s doing this already with his children


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