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Reclaim Your Relationship with Time - Moving from the CHRONOS to KAIROS timeline
Episode 10228th June 2023 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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“Isn’t it interesting that our world is built on chronology + “Chronos” time – Chronos was the Greek god of time, portrayed as a destructive, all-devouring force.”

As children, we learned early how to measure time. But I bet you only learned ONE way to mark the passing of minutes, months, years, and decades. Did you know there is a second (better) way? To move into multiplication territory, I challenge you to see that there are TWO perspectives of time - the worldly pressure-driven driven system that treats time as a finite resource, and the heavenly system of eternal and divine timing.

Instead of being ruled by the time constraints of the world system, begin to anchor yourself in God's timing and tune inward for guidance. It’s about moving away from pressure caused from obligation and into connection for a higher purpose. When you practice this enough, you develop discernment, one that cultivates patience + peace within your heart. And when you’re at peace, you’re ready to flourish within the calling God created you for!

In today’s episode I outline steps to shake off the pressure of the world, including: 

  • Ask better questions about the present moment
  • Differentiate between pressure and urgency
  • Shift from external seeking to internal knowing

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