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Interview 1: Dr. Gary Keogh
21st September 2021 • - If I were the Minister for Education • Simon Lewis
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For the last couple of years, I’ve been telling you what I would do if I were the Minister for Education but today I am joined by Gary Keogh, who, after many years working in the UK has some advice for me - in a way it might be best called What I Wouldn’t Do If I were the MfE. Gary has over 10 years’ experience in education, working in secondary school, undergraduate / postgraduate teaching, adult education, and teacher-training. He is the author of three books, has run marathons and even finds time to play gigs as a singer/songwriter. He says he is a dad-to-be, which should put a stop to his gallop! Gary asked me if I’d be interested in talking to him because, like me, he has witnessed how the Irish Education System tends to blindly follow the education trends of the UK and while that may have had some benefits 20 years ago when I was a newly qualified teacher, the same cannot be said now.