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Play By Google’s Rules To Win Local Marketing
Episode 2919th April 2024 • Frustrated By Your Marketing? • SkyeLine Studio
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Is your business bending to Google’s will, or are you leveraging its power to your local marketing advantage? In this episode, I discuss the often intimidating world of Google with Mike Blumenthal, the co-founder of Near Media and one of the top names in SEO. Google’s algorithms and policies are tools that, when expertly navigated, can unearth vast potential for local businesses. Yet, they require a nuanced understanding and strategy to harness effectively.

Google Business Profiles (GBP)

In the digital era where immediate, local search results dictate consumer choices, mastering your business profile on Google is not optional; it’s a survival strategy. We discuss the nuanced tactics and vigilant management required to thrive within Google’s domain. We emphasize the significance of staying alert to Google’s autonomous updates that can alter your business’s online information without warning.

Google Local Service Ads (LSA)

Mike and I discuss the complexities of Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads, revealing the layers of opportunity and manipulation that coexist in this advertising platform. Mike explains the evolution of LSAs, the surge in fraudulent activities, and the broader implications for businesses striving to stand out in the local marketing space. This segment calls on businesses to adopt a critical, informed approach to LSAs and remain adaptable to Google’s ever-evolving strategies.

Media Companies Gaming The Local SEO System

In the competitive SEO landscape, media companies have leveraged their vast content and authority to dominate search engine results, often through ‘Best Of’ lists and keyword-rich content. This strategy drives traffic and monetizes their SERP positions through partnerships. While seen by some as a smart use of resources within SEO rules, it raises questions about fairness, highlighting the need for adaptability and strategic innovation in digital marketing.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews have become the digital age’s word of mouth, crucial for business reputation and customer decisions. Positive feedback boosts visibility and credibility, driving sales, while negative comments can deter potential customers. Engaging with these reviews, addressing concerns, and using feedback for improvement are essential. Mike introduces the insightful concept of the spider graph to illustrate how consumer priorities vary across different industries, showing that attributes like price, proximity, reputation, and life impact hold varying degrees of importance in influencing Google Reviews, thereby guiding businesses to tailor their strategies accordingly.


Where You Can Find Mike Blumenthal:

Key Moments From This Episode:

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:43 - Google Business Profiles (GBP)
  • 11:17 - Google Local Service Ads (LSA)
  • 26:21 - Media Companies Gaming the Local SEO System
  • 30:48 - The Concept of Fractional CMOs
  • 36:28 - Google & Yelp Reviews

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