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The Medication of Normal Human Experiences
Episode 1418th December 2022 • Life = Choices; Choices = Life • Kim Olver
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In this episode, I interview Angela Peacock, a woman who served in Iraq with the US Army and experienced multiple traumas there. She was sent to medical professionals, both military and civilian, and at one point, was on 18 different psychotropic medications. She began to wonder, "If I'm on all this medicine, why don't I feel good?" She realized her post-traumatic stress was a normal human response to the events in her life and didn't need to be medicated. She got help and began the excruciating process of tapering off her medication which took a total of 20 years from her diagnosis to being off all medication. During that time, she earned her MSW degree and currently works as a coach helping people come off their psychotropic medication safely without horrific withdrawal effects. Her journey is documented in the film, Medicating Normal. Listen to her story; it's a story of a real hero. To reach Angela professionally, visit her website at To follow her healing journey and her van life on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram under the handle @beinghumanrv where as a human, she is experiencing everything on her way to living the best life anyone has ever lived. Go, Angie! You surely deserve it.