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Ep 114: Look Within
Episode 11428th February 2023 • Dissecting Success • Theresa Lambert and Blair Kaplan Venables
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Most of us look outside of ourselves to find the answers that help us create success, but the pure gold and wisdom is found within. Tune in this week as Theresa is flying solo to talk about the power of reflection and how we can use it to plan with hindsight in mind.

DM Theresa @theresalambertcoaching to get access to her Month end reflection questions.

About the Hosts:

Blair Kaplan Venables is an expert in social media marketing and the president of Blair Kaplan Communications, a British Columbia-based PR agency. She brings fifteen years of experience to her clients which include global wellness, entertainment and lifestyle brands. She is the creator of the Social Media Empowerment Pillars, has helped her customers grow their followers into the tens of thousands in just one month, win integrative marketing awards and more. 

Blair is listed in USA Today as one of the top 10 conscious female leaders to watch in 2022 and Yahoo! listed Blair as a top ten social media expert to watch in 2021. She has spoken on national stages and her expertise has been featured in media outlets including Forbes, CBC Radio, Entrepreneur and Thrive Global. Blair is an international bestselling author and has recently published her second book, ‘The Global Resilience Project.’ She is the co-host of the Dissecting Success podcast and in her free time, you can find Blair growing The Global Resilience Project’s community where users share their stories of overcoming life’s most difficult moments.

Theresa Lambert is an Online Business Strategy Coach with an impressive hotelier background in luxury Hospitality in the #1 Ski Resort in North America. She supports Female Coaches and Service based Entrepreneurs to get their first clients or scale to 6 figures and beyond through strategic, tangible, and practical support.  Her mission: To make Business EASY so your life can be more FULL.

In 2020 Theresa became the Bestselling Author of her book  Achieve with Grace: A guide to elegance and effectiveness in intense workplaces. She is also a Speaker and the Podcast co-host of Dissecting Success.

Theresa has been recognized as a business leader in Whistler’s Profiles of Excellence, and is being featured in publications such as Hotelier Magazine, Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.

Diaries of a six figure Coach isn’t only a Podcast to help you get strategic and master the precision of Success.  It’s a declaration to share the truth. It’s a commitment to keep going to make it happen, no matter what. It’s an activation and invitation for female Coaches and Entrepreneurs to play a bigger Game. Tune into short, potent and value packed episodes that are fun, raw, real, vulnerable and authentic af on what it takes to build a six figure coaching business online. It’s going to MOVE you. It’s going to ACTIVATE you. It’s going to help you access your audacity, courage and start taking the intentional actions to make your biz dreams come true while living the life you desire and making an impact online.

Instagram: @theresalambertcoaching


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Blair Kaplan Venables:

You ever wonder what success actually means? How do you get it? And how do you keep it?

Theresa Lambert:

We all want it yet sometimes it feels only some of us get to have it.

Blair Kaplan Venables:

Hi, Theresa and Blair here. We are two badass entrepreneurs, best selling authors, coaches and business mentors who have had success, built success, questioned our own success and reclaimed it. Let's be real for a hot minute. 2020 has been a roller coaster ride, and many of us a start to wonder if they'll lose the things that made them successful. So we got curious, Ron real about what success is truly about?

Theresa Lambert:

Can you put it in a box?

Blair Kaplan Venables:

How can you get it?

Theresa Lambert:

Can people take it away? Or are you the one with the power?

Blair Kaplan Venables:

Does it mean the same to all of us? Or are we the ones that create it?

Theresa Lambert:

From PGA golf pros to doctors, CEOs, entrepreneurs and spiritual mentors, we get together to meet with successful people from around the globe to dissect success for vibrant conversations and interviews. Make sure you click the subscribe button on the app store because each week we will drop a new episode to bust through the myths around success and dissect its true meaning.

Theresa Lambert:

Hello, hello, and welcome back to an episode of dissecting success. I am your co host Theresa Lambert, and I am flying solo today I am flying solo today. This is a solo episode off dissecting success plan is in Palm Springs right now. It is a big week for her. And next week, we'll be diving into giving you a bit of a reflection where we're at what's been happening, what's new for us, just like a month end thing. But as we're heading into that, and as I am about to jump on a couple a mastermind call with our beautiful momentum clients to dive into month and reflection and the power of that I wanted to jump on here and use this opportunity to talk to you about the power of looking within when it comes to creating the kind of success that you like the kind of life that you're like the kind of business that you want. And why this is so important. You know, I think on this podcast, we talk a lot about the different types of success, we talk about the journey it is we have so many guests that have come on that have spoken about what success means to them, and hardly ever it's anything external. And I want you to just let that sink in for a second. Very, very rarely have any of our conversations revolved around success being something outside of us success being something that's ultimately created outside of us. But the focus has been very much on success being a journey, success being the piece that we find within success being expressing ourselves fully success, meaning all these different things, right. And what I have found over the years, and from my own experience, and from working with dozens of entrepreneurs, and from scaling businesses is that oftentimes, our first initial thought when it comes to creating success, or wanting to be successful, and we ask how we're going to do it is that we go outside of us, we start looking for answers. Outside of us, we look at what tools are there? What steps do I have to take? What programs do I have to learn from what mentors do I have to hire? What do I not know? We initially have this response of saying, hey, it must be outside of us. And there must be something that I am lacking. And that's why I don't have it yet. And so today, I want to invite you to shift that perspective through this episode for what I'm sharing with you. And to start to think about what if the pure gold What if all the magic What if the true tools and the true insights actually already within you. And it is more of a process of looking in, to draw out the lessons to draw out or learning to draw out the wisdom that we can then we apply and express out externally to create the kind of success that we want to see in our external world By getting the wisdom from within by getting the wisdom from within. So how do we do that? How do we do that? So here's the thing, right when I was In the hotel industry and scaling our hotel, and our business from seven to eight figures, a lot of people always ask me, what did you do? How did you do it. And he was affected. When I took over that role. I was 29. I had no frickin clue VT about what it was really going to take to scale, a business at of that magnitude, and, or any business because I'd never done it, I worked as a revenue manager, I was good at figuring out how to make the business more money. And obviously, that's essential to scaling. But I wasn't able to rely on all the experiences, all the wisdom, schooling, all that external stuff. I didn't have access to that, because I had not done it before. So I couldn't draw from that wisdom. And ultimately, it really forced me, I'm going to use that word or even it forced me to sit back. And to actually say, Okay, well, if I'm going to do this thing, if I'm going to figure out how to create this external success for this business, and I don't have access to the tools, the teachings, the wisdom that comes outside, the only thing I can do is actually trust myself to go within and look for the things that are already working, that we can build on, get clear on what needs to happen internally, within the organization that I believe will be key drivers, that we when we focus on them will ultimately yield the results that we want to see externally, which is the success that so many of us operate under or see when we talk about success. And that's exactly what I did. I started to look at what is working? What isn't blocking? What can we learn from what is and from what isn't working? What do we need to let go? And what do we need to keep focusing on? Very, very simple questions. Can you see how all of those require us to take a moment, pause and look with him. So if you're looking to create more success in your career, in your life, in your business, wherever it is, that is where I suggest we start, we look with this is our reflection practice that I do at the end of every month that I do extensively at the end of every year, that allows me to really see and look in and to get really honest, clear on real, of what is working, what isn't what I can learn from it. What I gotta let go, because the stuff that you hang on, that you don't let go that's no longer working for you. It's slowing you down? And what do you want to focus on more? Those are the things that are already working. And when I did that, in the business, that I was scaling to eight figures, when I did that, while I was still a Hotelling I guess what it worked, I was focusing on the things that we were already doing well, and I was like, How can we do them better, I was focusing on the things that I knew were within our control, were within our ability to actually change and shift. And by doing that, I knew they would have an impact. But the only reason I knew that was because the work is accessible to me because the information was already there, the information was literally right in front of my nose, or actually really within the organization in that case, but if it is related to yourself, related to your life related to your own career, you can ask yourself these questions. And you can draw out this wisdom. And it seems so simple. Because it is simple. But oftentimes, this is where we feel like we sabotage and this reflection practice, I see all of people almost resist or refuse to do it because it requires us to get really honest. And the thing is, it's only for your benefit, right you don't need to share with the world what's working and what isn't about your business or about your life or about your career. You don't have to share that externally. This is for you. This is for you to extract the lessons this is for you to extract what's working. This is for you to learn what is working for you and what isn't. And that is ultimately, the only way that you can refine your strategy. Refine your approach, refine your actions, refine your thoughts, refine your beliefs change Your beliefs and create new ones or focus your energy on the things you actually want to create, and ultimately that will move you forward. So once we have drawn out the wisdom, once we have looked within once we have all that pure gold pulled out from within our business, our life, our relationships, our careers, we can then use it and create a plan moving forward with hindsight and mind with hindsight in mind, and that is really, really powerful. So when people started asking me, how did you do it? How did you do it? How did you create so much success? How did you scale that business? How did you do it? The answer is simple. I focused on what was working for us, I focused on our own line, I focused on going in

Theresa Lambert:

and decided what was lacking. Already, we're going to do more off what wasn't working, we're either going to ditch, refine, or change. And then we were taking action in alignment with the plan I made from what we were knowing was working what we were knowing wasn't focusing out of our company values, focusing on customer experience and customer service. And being very clear what that experience was like focusing on what we wanted to create, focusing on the things that were working for us for quit focusing on the assets, we were having the location, the beauty, the surroundings, the feeling the relaxation, and making sure all of it was an all encompassing experience. And it worked really well. So this is the thing, this is the thing that I want to encourage you to do. It's to look within, it's to look within, in order to express outward and take the actions outward that will allow you to move you towards the things that you desire to build to create the life you desire to live the career that you want to have the business that you want to build. Start by looking within, make reflection, a habit, reflect, draw to lessons and then use what you're learning. Use what you're finding out about yourself about your business about your life, to then make a plan, create a plan and follow that plan based on that, letting go of the shit that doesn't. So it stops slowing you down and focusing on all the things that are already working. And if you're like man, Teresa, this is like easier said than done. And I'm not sure if I can do this on my own. And do you have more? prompting questions. Yes, I do. I have an entire workbook on this. And if you'd like access, you can just DM me on my instagram at Teresa Lambert coaching, I can track me down on LinkedIn or Facebook and send me a direct message and just say, Hey, I listen to the dissecting success podcast I'm looking within and I would love to workbook and I will send you the workbook that I've created for it and you can have it and you can dive in and you can use it. And why am I doing that? Because I want more of you to succeed. I want more of you to really figure out how can you create a feeling of success, what success means to you within, draw your lessons from within and then apply that to create a strategy and a plan that you can actually follow and work with. That gives you ease that gives you direction that gives you clarity that gives you flow. So you can ultimately match the external environment with your internal being. Match the external environment, with your internal being. So when you are creating the feeling when you're being in the embodiment of what success means to you, and you take action with alignment heard that that's how I reverse engineer business strategies, then you're able to actually create externally, what you want to create you can have what you're seeing in the world, what you're experiencing what you're living become a mirror reflection of that with what you embody with it. Now we're going deep in this episode, but this was really, really fun. This is a short and sweet one. And I can't wait to hear from you to send you this workbook to see what comes up for you. And again, next week plan I are going to be diving in together and we're going to talk about just how the month of February wins even the last two months, where we're at what's happened, what's coming up what we've learned, to give you some insights of what that process is like for us what we're learning and through that you might be able to learn to maybe get braver, get more courageous, show up share authentically, whatever it is that will come out of that episode. I have no idea. We haven't recorded it yet. We will see. But ultimately, I want you to remember that Your gold, that so much wisdom, that your truth and the things that will help you beauty creative success that you want to create is found from within. And if you desire to really build long term sustainable success, if you want to create something that is worthwhile, that is purpose driven that gives you fulfillment and enjoyment and joy in life and aliveness and goodness and love and all the juicy things that we was talking about. We want to make sure that we always consider what's within first before we go and look for things outside of us. There is an abundance that exists within you always, always, let's tap into your own magic into your own wisdom into your own genius into your own knowing before we add things externally. They can be very supportive, but only when they're aligned, and then integrity with each other, and when they can work together cohesively. And that's what we want to do. So happy reflecting. If you want the workbook, DM me and Teresa Lambert coaching, and I can't wait to be back here with Blair next week to chat more about all the goodness coming up. And we also going to have some really, really cool episodes and guests coming up and some episodes we're bringing back because there were so good. You have got to hear them again. We'd love you have the most amazing week ahead, and we'll chat with you next week. That's a wrap for another episode of dissecting success. enjoyed this episode. Make sure to subscribe to black goblin Venables and Theresa Lambert's podcast dissecting success on the App Store.