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Armageddon in Education - Fortifying Your Defenses
Episode 4312th August 2023 • Cybersecurity Chronicles • Netswitch Technology Management
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Proactively Defend Against the Onslaught of Cybercrime by Fortifying Your Defenses with Cyber Risk Assessment and Insurance

The rise of cybercrime poses an increasing challenge for all levels of education. Criminals are constantly adapting their tactics to target faculty, staff, students, and alumni. With the surge in payloadless malware, business email compromise, and various email-based attacks, safeguarding your institution from these threats is now of paramount significance.

Cyber Insurance may be the last line of defense for many organizations, but in education, it may be the first line due to the limited resources of educational institutions.

Listen to Sean Mahoney and Stanley Li talk with Jake Charen, (Risk Architect at Lakeside

Insurance) about the risks in educational organizations, how to cost-effectively mitigate those risks and learn ways to reduce your ever-increasing cyber liability premiums.

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