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Being in the Goo of Expansion | UA73
Episode 735th July 2022 • The Unlikely Artist • Graced Canvas
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This episode is about Monarch butterflies, us and the magic of being in the “goo”. For a Monarch, the goo means the transformative stage when its caterpillar body has dissolved into a thick, black soup, and its cells are rearranging to form a new, glorious, orange and black winged body. For us humans, the goo happens when we’ve let go of something we used to be and are becoming something new.

Being in the goo can feel scary. We feel impatient and anxious to rush into our full winged expansion. But when the day finally arrives, we only allow ourselves to enjoy our achievement for a day, or a week or, maybe if we’re lucky, a month. Then we’re onto the next area we want to grow and evolve, and we’re back in the goo.

So let’s embrace being in the goo. Let’s celebrate being in the middle of our own transformations. Swimming in the goo can be a magical, enjoyable, opening, confidence-inducing experience, even when we don’t know what will happen next or how it will turn out and we feel fairly anxious about all of it.

Tune into this week’s episode to hear how being in the goo can be the best of times.


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I’m a former international tax lawyer and senior partner of Ernst & Young in Toronto, where I serviced banks and other large multinationals and led a large group of professionals.

My life expanded when I left the law in 2014 to learn how to paint, something I’d always dreamt of doing, but had no reason to believe was possible for me. After a couple years of painting and selling my work, I became passionate about helping other people who yearn to feel more personally fulfilled, invigorated and soul connected in their lives every day, and I became certified as a life coach.

I now spend my time painting, coaching, and creating live events at GRACE Studio (more formally, the “George Russell Academy of Creative Expansion”) in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. And, of course, producing this podcast for you.




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