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112: Solo | Father's Day
Episode 11217th June 2021 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Welcome back to The Mastermind Effect! This week we are talking about work life balance as it's Father's Day. Check it out!

[00:01 – 06:50] Healthy, Happy, Balance Life

●     Insight into the episode

●     Working hard vs. working smart

○     Homeowner and Hardworking Contractor Story

●     Building and Designing my Day

○     Plan according to what matters to you and your family

●     Final Thoughts

Tweetable Quotes:

Working hard, does not equal, working smart.” - Brandon Straza

“I don't think it's about work life balance. I've turned it into what's best for me and my household will be best for my businesses and those around me.” - Brandon Straza


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