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Welcome to 2023 and Please NO Freedom anything talk
Episode 1162nd January 2023 • Soapbox Daily • Mad Morgan
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Another year and new starts. Let’s make 2023 start off better then previous years. No storming and laying siege to capital cities or locations. Anyone uses the word ‘Freedom’ run away because it is a false flag. Try to have Integrity this year everyone and be the best we can be but with intelligence and empathy.


10 points to start a New 2023:

1) Make a new start on yourself

2) Work on areas you are weak like behaviors and attitude

3) Just because you Can is Doesn’t mean you should

4) Avoid any groups that promote Freedoms as they are a false flag

5) Stop stealing as it costs everyone (over all learn to be a better person and not commits crimes)

6) Get in touch with friends and family you haven’t talked to in a while

7) Be more open and meet new people

8) Learn to think logically and not with a knee jerk reaction

9) Learn to see the truth behind what people are trying to sell you and break it down

10) Love yourself more and those people that are there for you

Bonus Point) If you are wondering why the toothpaste is now locked up at the store you should google it to know why. Seems there is a new level of low lifes out there. Be patient as Karma does come around in time.


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