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The Myth of the Nonemotional Man
Episode 1102nd November 2022 • The Confident Man Podcast • David Maxwell
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The lie that men aren't emotional

The Appeal of Stoicism

  • Stoicism - Indifference to pleasure or pain
  • There is a danger in looking at emotion as a bad thing
  • We are emotional creatures
  • We have emotions and we are better when we use them
  • Stoicism gives the illusion of complete control
  • Without our emotions, we are missing out on a big part of our design as men

The Missing Power

  • Men were designed to have emotions
  • Emotions were designed to power us as men
  • A passionate man is driven
  • Passion is more inward than outward
  • You don't have to act emotional to be full of passion
  • Passionate men make a difference in whatever they do

Tapping the Power

  • Fighting passiveness
  • Passiveness is an epidemic among men today
  • The passiveness of Peace at all costs
  • We must fight the areas of our life where we go passive
  • We can't talk about our emotions without talking about the fake emotions that have so trapped so many men
  • Your Power comes from your authentic self