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125: Leah Diteljan | Getting Rid of The Scarcity Mindset
Episode 12519th July 2021 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Leah Diteljan is the founder of MindSpa where she collaborates with thousands of seven & eight figure entrepreneurs across six of the seven continents, helping them become better leaders in their communities, homes, and businesses. 

In today’s episode, she will be talking about getting rid of your scarcity mindset when it comes to investing in yourself, and how one's current job can just be an illusion of security. Leah also lets us know that we should focus on the ROH or return on heartbeats rather than the usual ROI. Check it out!


[00:01 – 02:05] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Leah Diteljan
  • Connect with our guest. See links below.

[02:06 – 10:58] Leah Diteljan’s Learning Journey and Masterminds

  • Leah Diteljan’s change in learning from his early years vs today
  • Trusting her intuition for learning 
  • Leah’s Coaches, Mentors, and Masterminds
  • The importance of having a coach
  • The scarcity mindset as a language 
  • How masterminds helped Leah’s Get Unstuck and Re-Set

[10:59 – 20:33] Leah and Her Experience with Self-Education

  • The parallels of self-education and standard education
  • Exercising our inherent wisdom
  • Our intuition as our powerful guide
  • What to expect when you invest in yourself and work with Leah
  • Focusing on Return on Heartbeats (ROH) 
  • Being alone does not mean you are lonely
  • A success story from people who worked with Leah

[20:34 – 27:21] What it Takes to Be Successful

  • Leah’s definition of success 
  • Being in a state of joy
  • Exciting things in store for Leah
  • Actionable Items/Tips from Leah
  • Desire Map 
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I think it’s the language that’s so important in having a scarcity mindset. Because when I use language like ‘I can’t afford this,’ it slams the doors and windows and I am stuck inside my own head.” - Leah Diteljan 

“What is actually available to us right after we make the decision is so unknown that we choose to be more comfortable with the known, than letting go of the known to the unknown.” - Leah Diteljan

“Education is informing ourself and increasing our self awareness so we can make better decisions based on the trust we have in ourselves, which is inherent wisdom.” - Leah Diteljan 

Connect with Leah Diteljan on Instagram, LinkedIn or email her directly at Check out her website

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