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EP38 - Ditch Diet Culture and Body Shaming With Guest Salma Dinani
Episode 3818th January 2022 • I AM MOM Parenting Podcast • Dimple Arora & Shaista Fatehali
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In this episode, we discuss how to stop being obsessed with weight loss and diets with Personal Trainer and Body Talk Educator, Salma Dinani.  


provides a fresh perspective on wellness by teaching women how to unlearn diet culture.  She doesn’t believe in transformations, but rather in getting stronger, feeling more energetic and good in our bodies, despite weight or size.

Listen to educate

yourself on this paradigm shift, especially to pass on to our children.

Be sure to listen for:

  • How Salma realized that weight loss is not the end goal of exercise
  • The difference between the terms
  • Body positive
  • Body neutrality
  • Body acceptance
  • Body respect
  • Words and phrases to use to specifically speak to our kids about bodies
  • How she influences and guides the women who come to her requesting weight loss
  • How she gets long term results with her clients
  • How to prevent our young girls from becoming entrapped in diet culture

About Our Guest

Salma Dinani is a certified personal trainer and a mother who is on journey of unlearning diet culture, being kind to her body, sharing her love of fitness, wellness and of body respect & acceptance. Be sure to connect with Salma!




TikTok:  @salmadinani_

Blog Article:

About the Hosts:

About Dimple Arora – Founder of Mindful Evolution

Dimple Arora is the founder of Mindful Evolution (ME) — a parenting movement that aims to empower parents and their kids towards positive transformation and life changing thought, one emotion and one choice at a time.

Dimple is an expert in women and teen empowerment and specializes in helping individuals reduce the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety using mindfulness, nutrition, EFT tapping and other energy psychology modalities. Dimple is a Certified Life Coach, EFT and NLP Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist and Energy Therapist. She holds degrees in mathematics, business, and education and was previously employed in the corporate world and as a high school math teacher.

You can book a complimentary coaching call with Dimple on her website at and connect with her on social media. 




About Shaista Fatehali – Founder of Thrive Kids

Shaista Fatehali is the founder of Thrive Kids BC where she works with children and families to help nurture connection, empower a sense of self - worth and discover what is needed for individual families to thrive. Shaista is a speaker and the author of the children’s book BACK HOME; which has received accolades nationwide. She is a certified children’s and parent life coach and works with clients to build soft skills such as interpersonal awareness, effective communication, emotional agility emotional regulation, problem solving, transition planning and mindfulness . As a teacher and mother of two young girls, her true passion lies in giving her children, her students and clients the tools to reach their most true authentic selves.

To book a complimentary call with Shaista or to learn more about Shaista and the programs she offers at Thrive Kids BC, please visit her website at


Facebook :






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