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Decoding the Mysteries of Founder & Investor Relations with Sena Zorlu, Kubera Venture Capital, Pt 1
Episode 4211th May 2021 • TECHquila Sunrise • Supply Chain Now
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Understanding how investors think about your startup is a mystery. When you’re pitching, what are they hearing? What opinions are they forming? So many founders may think they’re communicating one thing, when actually it’s another, and it may not be at all what’s in the pitch deck, or conversation!

Sena Zorlu and I reveal to founders what investors see, think & discern. Many times, that founders have no idea they even communicated. Founders not only learn about this fascinating founder, investor & new stealth startup leader, they'll gain insights into how investors tick, and also what founders can do to be more clear communicating with investors, and understanding why investor’s perceptions land where they do.

Sena Zorlu is Venture Partner at Kubera Venture Capital, and a stealth startup co-founder. She has been on both sides of the table and is diving headlong into the startup world again. She has helped me improve my knowledge as a venture capital investor. She's especially effective at evaluating companies in our work together at Kubera. She’s amazingly insightful, a powerful communicator & a force to be reckoned with. So you need to hear from her.

Listen, imbibe & enjoy the vibe.

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