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Data Strategy in Construction: Finding a Competitive Edge
Episode 2125th October 2021 • Digital Builder • Autodesk
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Incredible opportunities exist for those who build a strong strategy for managing their data.

As the speed of decision-making in our industry continues to increase, data can help make not only faster decisions, but better decisions too.

Plus, if you build a strong data strategy, you’ll be setting yourself up to leverage more advanced technologies further down the line.

Jay Bowman, Managing Director of Research & Analytics at FMI, and Andy Leek, Vice President - Technology & Innovation at PARIC Corporation, join the show to discuss the many benefits of having a strong data strategy in construction.

We discuss:

  • The state of construction data today
  • How to make sure you’re capturing useful data
  • How a baseline of data strategy leads to more advanced technologies
  • Improving data literacy in construction
  • The future of data in construction

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

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