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Singularity (ENT S2 E09)
6th February 2024 • The Joy of Trek • Kay, Khaki and Greg
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Singularity (Star Trek: Enterprise, S2 E09) was recommended by nazzy, she/her, who said: We've encountered A Spatial Anomaly and everyone except T'Pol is going a little nuts. Trip's obsessed with a chair, Hoshi's going crazy in the kitchen, Phlox is definitely about to commit medical malpractice, and Malcolm accidentally invents the next two hundred years of Starfleet security.

Singularity first aired on November 20, 2002, written by Chris Black, and directed by Patrick Norris

The Joy of Trek is hosted by Khaki & Kay, with editing & production by Chief Engineer Greg and music by Fox Amoore (Bandcamp | Bluesky)

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