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Think gaslighters can't change? Jeremy did!
Episode 29th January 2024 • Deconstructing Gaslighting™ • Sarah Morales
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Welcome back to DG the podcast, and welcome TO season 2! I’m super excited to bring a different flavor to the way I talk about gaslighting and its connection to so many different aspects of our lives!

The theme this month is: NEW – as in new ways to understand and talk about GASLIGHTING! And today, we’re starting off with a HUGE bang as I interview one of the men in recovery that I have been working with for the past five years! Think people who gaslight can’t change – this interview will help you see that MANY (though definitely not ALL) can!

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The guest today is Jeremy, a man in recovery, and has been sober for 10 years!

Story Time: Sarah and Jeremy talk about things that were at the root of Jeremy’s gaslighting, things that helped him understand what he was doing and the impact, and some word of encouragement for both the gaslighter and gaslightee!


Top Take-Aways:

  • Getting out of all or nothing/black and white thinking about gaslighters.
  • People have options about their relationships with people who do gaslighting behaviors.
  • There is hope that some (not all) gaslighters can heal and change.

Action Steps:

  • Education about gaslighting & holding boundaries.

As I wrap up today, I wanted to let you know that if you want to understand more about the different reasons people may do gaslighting behaviors as well as the different levels of awareness, I go into great detail in my Deconstructing Gaslighting Awareness video series. It’s just $22.50 US.

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And remember – you may have crashed and burned; been broke and hurt, but damn it, you’re a phoenix and you’re rising again. I think it’s time we fly.