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Connectivity across all stages of the supply chain
15th November 2019 • The Vitafoods Insights Podcast • Informa Markets
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Materials and goods exchange hands a good few times between ingredient manufacturers, distributors, finished product manufacturers, distributors and brand owners. With traditional business models the focus is on the product and goods, and less so on the service.

Through all the various exchanges, communication is often lacking leading to lost information and intelligence—some of which could be surrounding the physicochemical properties of the product, how it can be formulated, the possible cross-interactions, supporting studies, how a product can be positioned, best/worst marketing practices, how was it launched in other markets, and lessons already learny, and end use for consumers.

Blaž Gorjup, founder and chairman at PharmaLinea, returns to the Vitafoods Insights podcast to chat to Charlotte Bastiaanse, associate editor, about how to adapt to today’s increasingly demanding consumers, transparent supply chains and incoming companies with higher demands. Suppliers need to focus on service, actively collecting intelligence and providing consultancy to clients. Providing intact information surrounding the product enables brand owners to function more efficiently and consumers to receive full natural potential and added value of the product.




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