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Pod 223: Lady Penelope Faces Danger in Thunderbirds Versus the Hood
Episode 22319th September 2022 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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Lady Penelope receives a mysterious parcel in the post! Who could it be from? And who are the strange men that keep showing up on her doorstep trying to get their hands on it? Tune in to this week's Gerry Anderson Podcast to find out and be sure to pre-order your copy of Thunderbirds Versus the Hood for the full adventure!

01:07 Welcome to the Hirsute/Hairless Gerry Anderson Podcast!

10:01 Spaceflight FAB Facts

16:15 Handing it Over to the Podsterons (Listeners)

25:44 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

33:08 Posts from the Podcast Facebook Group

39:24 Thunderbirds Versus the Hood - Exclusive Preview!

54:56 Over on YouTube

1:00:23 Under the Waves, Chris Dale's Randomiser Travels at Rate 6!

1:12:00 Wrapping things up!

Links Mentioned

Thunderbirds Versus The Hood - Shipping on Thunderbirds Day

'Maybe There' The Lost Stories from Space: 1999

Commander Koenig Tops Return!

Breakaway Day 2022 T-Shirts

UFO S.H.A.D.O. Technical Operations Manual

Classic Thunderbird 2 in LEGO

Thunderbirds: Danger Zone

Brains is Dead! Motion Comic

FAB Live on Sep. 30th - Thunderbirds Day!

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