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Stephanie Stuckey
Episode 1024th November 2020 • Disruptor Studio • Alex Gonzalez
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Stephanie Stuckey is the third generation leader of Stuckey's Corporation but she finds herself acting like a startup CEO as she revitalizes the brand and reinvents the company. Her grandfather founded Stuckey's in 1937 out of need and ended up innovating the roadside stop and became a pioneer around "customer experience." Despite the incredible success, Stuckey's ended up leaving family ownership and growth stalled.

Stephanie made a decision not that long ago to buy the company and bring it back into the family. What is even more amazing is that she made a big leap leaving a successful career in public service to become an entrepreneur. As you see her orchestrate a new strategy for the company you can feel the X factor that makes her a disruptor. She is bringing authenticity back to the brand and has an amazing visionary drive on where she wants to take the company. She is also having fun reliving her young Gen X years on her road trips that connects her with new fans everywhere.

Stephanie joins Alex Gonzalez in the Disruptor Studio as they talk about the Stuckeys' journey, her personal journey and how she is reinventing the company. They also talk about how she deals with adversity as a perceived "outsider" to the industry and how she stays true to herself and to the brand on this journey.

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