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Luke Kwon on The Future of Golf
Episode 1615th December 2023 • Golf Lovers United: Discussing Golf, the Fair Way • Golf Lovers United
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In this conversation, Luke Kwon, a world-class golfer and YouTube content creator, discusses various topics related to golf and YouTube. The conversation covers the impact of Luke's golf advice on Jay's game, the common mistakes made by high handicappers, the accessibility and personability of YouTube golf, and the potential future of YouTube golf. Luke also shares his experience recovering from a serious accident and the generosity he received to cover his medical bills. The conversation concludes with a discussion on college sports rivalries. In this part of the conversation, Luke Kwon discusses college rankings and rivalries, his experience starting a career in pro golf, the thrill of competitive golf, the team experience on Good, Good, his thoughts on TGL, and his favorite courses played.


  • YouTube golf provides a more accessible and personable experience for viewers, allowing them to connect with golfers on a more relatable level.
  • Amateur golfers often make mistakes such as using a full swing for wedge shots and hitting driver everywhere, which can lead to poor results.
  • The future of YouTube golf has the potential to surpass the popularity of traditional professional golf, as it offers a more engaging and relatable viewing experience.
  • Luke Kwon's serious accident and recovery highlight the importance of health insurance and the generosity of others in times of need.
  • Rivalries in college sports, such as Oklahoma vs. OSU and Texas, add excitement and passion to the game. College rankings and rivalries can be a topic of controversy in the golf world.
  • Starting a career in pro golf can be challenging, especially when facing immigration visa issues.
  • The thrill of competitive golf and the feeling of victory are unmatched.
  • Being part of a team, like on Good, Good, can be a fun and enjoyable experience.
  • The Golf League (TGL) has the potential to be an entry point for new golfers, but there are differing opinions on its format and appeal.
  • Luke Kwon would grant Paul Casey a Masters win as his major championship.
  • Luke Kwon has played several notable courses, including Jack's Point and Arcadia Bluffs.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Thanksgiving Day Podcast
  • 01:22 Jay's Pro-Am Win and Luke's Impact on His Game
  • 04:10 The Ego in Golf and High Handicappers' Mistakes
  • 05:25 Luke's Experience as a World-Class Golfer and YouTube Content Creator
  • 07:09 The Enjoyment of YouTube Golf and Accessibility to Players
  • 09:49 The Importance of Relatability in YouTube Golf
  • 12:21 Luke's Course Management Program and Learning from Scratch
  • 13:17 Common Amateur Mistakes in Golf
  • 15:30 The Future of YouTube Golf and its Potential Impact
  • 18:14 The Accessibility and Personability of YouTube Golf
  • 22:37 The Importance of Bryson DeChambeau in YouTube Golf
  • 23:28 The Growing Influence of YouTube Golf and its Potential
  • 27:05 The Impact of YouTube Golf and the Irreversibility of its Growth
  • 30:00 Luke's Serious Accident and Recovery
  • 34:34 Luke's Medical Bill and Generosity of Others
  • 36:21 Rivalries in College Sports: Oklahoma vs. OSU and Texas
  • 37:11 College Rankings and Rivalries
  • 39:18 Starting a Career in Pro Golf
  • 43:45 The Thrill of Competitive Golf
  • 45:33 The Good, Good Team Experience
  • 47:32 Thoughts on The Golf League (TGL)
  • 54:56 Granting a Major Championship
  • 56:10 Favorite Courses Played

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