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3rd March 2024 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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Orlando Ferrari – Soli Idoli

Daniele Allodoli - La realtà non è così

Alessandro Tolone - Wisteria (feat. Federica Tallinucci)

Crypto Knight - Break The Code

Carnival Mind – Roam

Matilde G – Hypocrite

Coppe Cantrell – Jesus Rocks

Fans Of Jimmy Century – Wax Ecstatic

Still G – Gave me Wings

Silvia Frangipane – Je Voudrais

Brik – FOMO Fever

Tony Mangra – Feeling good

Alec Berlin – Patchen Avenue

Chris Rundle Band – Johnny’s Blues

MANJA - Last Night’s Kiss

Al Walser feat. Rick Ross - Way I Get It

AV Super Sunshine - A Wedding Song (unplugged)

Bobby and the Crew – A Day Off

AnnoZzero – Chiara

Alec Berlin – Minir Maad

SoFl – Alive

IReezy – Inseparable

Millicent Taffe – Ain’t Going Home Wid Ya

Mary Chatman – Freaky Lover

Star Strife – Qalquiera

Francie Conway – Peace, Love & Rock n roll

Kaylin Vela - Twisted Games

Charlotta Kerbs and The Strays – Glorious

Lostinato – Dentro o fuori

Anthony Casuccio – Lighthouse

The Bind – Swells

Die Tired – Play

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