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How each of the 9 Enneagram types work from home
Episode 3824th August 2020 • The Big Self Podcast • Big Self School
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Remember the days when we were dreaming of the opportunity to work from home? 

The workplace can be full of distractions, empty time, needless meetings and interpersonal drama. At home you have flexibility, autonomy, and the comfort of working in your own space. Pre-pandemic, it was clear that in many cases you could simply get more done. 

But now that it is forced upon us, and the days and weeks blur into one another, the perception of our work and home life balance has shifted again. Throw in the fact that many of us are functioning in crisis, and that many of our kids are going to school online, or half-online and half in-person, and we’re faced with a whole new reality when it comes to working from home.

On this week's episode, we discuss how each of the 9 Enneagram types flourish and struggle with remote work.


3:00 We are discussing Enneagram types today and their work from home styles. Are you working from home? This topic will provide some insight into how to be your best work-at-home self.

4:48 Type 1. The Reformer, the Improver, the Perfectionist. They have high standards for their work but can have a hard time being flexible, which is a challenge in the work-at-home environment.

8:08 Type 2. They are the Helpers. Their pitfall is that they struggle with setting boundaries but the gifts they bring to the table include caring a lot about other's well being.

12:17 Type 3. They are achievers and are driven to succeed. They tend to ignore their own needs, though, in pursuit of that success. We share some ideas for threes to be best working at home.

16:54 Type 4. The Romantic, the Individualist. They are creative, artistic, and make beautiful things for us to enjoy. But they tend to become unproductive working on these creative projects. 

21:44 Type 5. The Thinkers. Type fives are extremely boundaried, so others tend to see them as aloof and withdrawn. The great thing is that Fives are really great at working from home. 

25:24 Type 6. The loyal skeptic. They are motivated by feeling safe. Their downfall is that they tend to look for problems. They are extremely loyal, and always prepared.

30:03 Type 7. The Enthusiast. They are motivated to enjoy. Sevens are energetic, fun, and exciting. Working at home, they may tend to be easily distracted. 

33:09 Type 8. The Challenger or Protector. They are a body type, so are very in tune with their gut. One pitfall for Eights is that they can be seen as aggressors. On the flip side, one of their strengths is that they are clear and direct, and great with boundaries.

37:39 Type 9. They are the Peacemakers. One of the pitfalls of Nines is that they fail to speak up in order to maintain peace, but one of their strengths is that they have a way of making others around them feel at peace.

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