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Trailer17th July 2022 • Get That Good Life! Conference Replay • Imagine More
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This is the Get That Good Life! Conference replay. This podcast series features most of the presentations from Imagine More’s 2021 conference.

Imagine More is a family-led, not-for-profit organisation based in Canberra Australia that inspires people with disability and their families to get the good things of life.

What to expect from this podcast

We all want the Good Life: for ourselves and for the people we care about.

But, traditionally, people with disability have been denied access to (or given a watered-down version of) many of the things that make life meaningful, purposeful and interesting.

The 2021 Get That Good Life! conference was all about identifying the things that make life good and how to ensure that people with disability have access to the same opportunities as everybody else. It provided attendees with countless ideas and strategies that help create wonderfully ordinary lives for people with disability.

The conference unashamedly shared ideas and stories that have high expectations for the lives of people with disability. In it, you’ll hear many examples of people with disability who

  • have chosen an ordinary life path
  • hold meaningful and valued roles, and
  • participate in and contribute to their local communities, all with the right support.

The presentations are from an exciting group of local, national, and international speakers that joined us to share their insights, stories, and best practice strategies.  Expect to come away with plenty of actionable ideas from every episode!

The podcast is free and is available on your favourite podcast app.

You’ll find more information, resources, and inspiration about getting the good things in life for people with disability on our website,




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