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007 Lana McAra on the Power of Reframing and a Lifetime of Healing and Growth
Episode 721st January 2020 • The Road to Empowerment • Marla Bollak
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Lana McAra covers a lot of ground in a short time. Among other things, she shares the power of reframing and how healing and growth happen in waves that occur over a lifetime.

Lana McAra is the host of "Now It's My Turn! Where the 50+ woman awakens her spark and en-joys her life" on the Awake TV Network. A spiritual adviser and intuitive healer, Lana works with her clients to roll back the clock on how they feel in mind, body and spirit.

She’s an award-winning, best-selling author and ghostwriter of more than 30 books with a million books sold. A vivacious speaker, she has appeared on hundreds of stages across the globe, as well as hosting shows in both radio and TV. Her upcoming book, “Enough!” is slated for release in 2020.

You can connect with Lana in her Facebook group:

You can see Lana as host of the internet TV show, ‘Now It’s My Turn!’ - Where the 50+ woman awakens her spark and en-joys her life. Find it at