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Top 3 Hip Hop Movie Soundtracks with DJ ARM 18 and DJ Cap Cee
Episode 3929th August 2023 • Hip Hop Movie Club • Hip Hop Movie Club
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Welcome to the Hip Hop Movie Club podcast! Today we have a special episode with very special guests DJ ARM 18 and DJ Cap Cee, two of the Lehigh Valley's greatest.  

We're talking top three hip hop movie soundtracks. What's your top three? See if we link up on the sync up, next on Hip Hop Movie Club.  

Fair warning – this episode has some grown folks' language.  


Check out DJ ARM 18 on Instagram and DJ Cap Cee on Instagram.

Here is the episode of My Expert Opinion featuring Ed Lover that ARM mentioned.

Thanks to FeedSpot for ranking us #16 among the 60 best movie club podcasts!