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Jim Infantino (Fortune Tellers and Friends)
Episode 1331st May 2022 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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What if a psychic said you’d never make it in music? In this episode, Jim Infantino — songwriter, Jim’s Big Ego frontman, and novelist — tells us what happened next, along with stories from the early days and the road, the bubble-world of the creative mindset, a very special carriage house located in the Paris of the '90s, surprise studio visits from Aimee Mann, and how knowing your Friends from your 'Friends' can make all the difference.

Clips in this episode:

  1. Slow (Jim's Big Ego, 'Noplace Like Nowhere' - 2000)
  2. When You're Ready (David Wilcox, 'What You Whispered' - 2000)
  3. Stress (Jim Infantino, 'Fast Folk Musical Magazine, Vol. 8' - 1996)
  4. Boston Band (Jim's Big Ego, 'Noplace Like Nowhere' - 2000)
  5. The Ballad of Barry Allen (Jim's Big Ego, 'They're Everywhere!' - 2003)
  6. Cut Off Your Head (Jim's Big Ego, 'They're Everywhere!' - 2003)
  7. Wash Hands (Jim Infantino, live, YouTube, 2020)
  8. Los Angeles (Jim's Big Ego, 'Noplace Like Nowhere' - 2000)



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