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How to Ditch the Saviour Complex and Feel More Alive with Rob Bell
Episode 8820th July 2021 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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This week, Rob Bell, Speaker and New York Times Bestselling Author joins us to discuss the perils of the saviour complex and why we try to keep on hustling, even when we’re miserable.


[04:40] What Rob Has Been Up to During The Pandemic

  • Rob started to do things on Zoom and discovered new ways of doing things.

[07:25] The Apocalypse 

  • The word ‘apocalypse’ is often associated with disasters or ‘the end of time’.
  • But it’s actually an old Greek word that means ‘revealing’ or ‘disclosure’ of what is.

[9:50] Working Within the System

  • Being part of a system can influence how you see the world. 

[11:13] Second Naivete

  • This is the ability to see something as if you’ve never seen it. 
  • It is also similar to being childlike, which is different from being childish.

[12:45] The Two Columns of Systems

  • One column is for what can be talked about. The other is for what can’t be talked about.  

[14:48] Death by Letting Go

  • Letting go of the saviour complex entails a good kind of “death”.

[20:21] Saviour vs. Helping Energy

  • There’s a difference between saviour energy and helping energy. The former bears a heaviness at the soul level. 

[26:19] Dealing With Anger

  • When you’re being attacked with anger, the first thing to do is to feel your emotions. 
  • Rob invites us to adopt trans-rationalism. 

[42:39] Impulse Vs. Form

  • Impulses are things that make you feel alive when you do them. 
  • These can take different forms.

[47:17] Feeling Happier and Being Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

  • Sometimes you can’t help a broken system from within. 
  • You may have to leave and build from the outside. 

[56:06] South Star

  • The North star includes things and people that inspire you.
  • The South star signifies frustration, anger, and exasperation over some things. 

[1:00:35] Rob’s Tips to Let Go of the Saviour Complex

  • Make peace with your limits.
  • Set up your life with integrity and be present in what you’re doing. 

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