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Episode 517th January 2022 • LEAD WITH DATA Podcast • Rina Gami
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Cam Towt is the Founder and Director of Tiio which has a proud alliance partnership with Robinson Ryan. Cam has built a career in the data and analytics industry over the last 20 years starting out as a data analytics practitioner.

He went on to forge a successful leadership career in developing data management, governance and risk management capability working for companies such as GE, Australia Post and AGL. He is a published psychology researcher and has led community partnerships and cultural change initiatives around mental health and gender equality. 

Cam's professional interests are centred around the intersection of the law, ethics, the use of data, and the rights of humans. Cam's goal is to be an influential industry leader in the data governance, ethics and risk field in Australia, and help others develop their data management careers and achieve success.