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Touring with Fleetwood Mac, Debuting Original Music, and Music Career Advice - with Taku Hirano
Episode 32nd November 2021 • Voices Behind The Music • Feed Media Group
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From touring with Whitney Houston to booking the Fleetwood Mac tour by subbing for Stevie Nicks, Taku Hirano has played with some of the absolute greats. His skills as a drummer are unmatched and have led him to have one of the most interesting and exciting performance careers. He recently released his debut album of original music, and is heading out on tour this month! 

Taku found a passion for music at a very early age, and with the support of his parents, and amazing teachers along the way, studied across the globe from the Hong Kong International School to Julliard, to the Berklee College of Music. Taku speaks with Jeff about some of his best memories on tour and funniest mishaps. He also shares his most important tips for young musicians looking to build a career in music.  

Big Takeaways: If you want to be a working musician, you have to have an understanding of various genres and techniques. No matter what instrument you play, you have to embrace music.  

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