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72: Triggered News Rundown
11th May 2021 • Puro Ka Laro! Podcast • Puro Ka Laro!
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Recorded: 9 May 2021
Published: 12 May 2021

News Rundown
  • What's new in Riot?
  • The meta of new characters competitive games.
  • Sony Entertainment
  • WoW Classic: Burning Crusade and MMOs should die
  • The Next Stage of Entertainment - Video Game Movies
  • Perception of "Gamer" then and now
  • PS5 Game Exclusive: To Buy or Not To Buy?
  • Scalpers & Cryptocurrency the bane of PC GPU
  • How does one become a tester?
  • more

0:47:53 The MMO genre should die
1:06:15 Jaemi TRGGRD - PS5 Exclusive

Inay artwork: Liga Ni Likeman

Intro: Wolf - Upbeat 8-bit Electronic by Jer

Outro: Daystar - Celery in a carrot field by 샛별 Daystar