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The Successful Mentalist - The Successful Mentalist EPISODE 70, 5th September 2021
Ashleigh Goodwin on Social Media Magic | TSMP #070
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Ashleigh Goodwin on Social Media Magic | TSMP #070

How To Perform Eye-catching Magic On Social Media

Ashleigh Goodwin is a talented magician based in Manchester, UK. She specializes in card magic and performs highly technical sleights and routines with ease. She has built a massive social media presence and her following continues to grow exponentially.

Recently, she appeared on the trailer for the Torn And Restored Card effect by Changing Cards. She has studied psychology and enjoys dance and photography in her spare time.

In this episode, Ashleigh joins Aidan and Ashley to talk about magic practice rituals, the importance of consistency in building a social media presence etc. She also shares her thoughts on exposing magic secrets on social media and fostering inclusivity within magic.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [00:45] Who Is Ashleigh Goodwin?
  • [02:20] Ashleigh’s Rituals For Practising Card Magic
  • [06:40] How To Film Content That Grabs Attention
  • [10:15] Why Consistency Is Crucial For Content Creation
  • [13:40] How Often To Post Content On Social Media?
  • [14:50] Building Social Media Presence Out Of Love For The Process
  • [17:20] Being Unique And Staying True To Your Intent
  • [24:00] How To Foster Inclusivity In Magic Community
  • [28:40] Differences Between In-person And Social Media Performances
  • [34:45] Thoughts On Exposing Magic Secrets On Social Media
  • [37:20] Optimum Video Length For Online Magic Content

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