152 | Mr. New Dad With John Wayne Mullins
Episode 15221st February 2022 • The Military Veteran Dad Podcast • Ben Killoy
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If you are a new Dad how is it going?

The standard answer is good and fine for most Dads, but often that is far from the truth. Our schedules are changing, we are tired, work still expects us to perform at the same level and we often are just running on fumes. 

Today I am talking to John Wayne Mullins a leadership coach, he spent 17 years with the Coast Guard reserve, and is a new Dad who has taken what he learned in his career of coaching to help new Dads adapt as life changes rapidly that the first year.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding identify while you serve
  • Learning to listen to your intuition for what comes next
  • Apply work leadership at home
  • Mindset as a Dad on Active Duty
  • Shifting priorities after you become a Dad
  • How Units can support Dads better
  • Setting Dad goals
  • Building trust with kids
  • Paying back the time credit card 

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