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Lauren Gale and Marisa Bull share their eating secrets
8th March 2021 • The Natural Healthcare Network • Deb MacLeod
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Thank you for listening to my podcast with Naturopathic Nutritionist, Lauren Gale and Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, Marisa Bull. 

This week Lauren and Marisa talk about their eating disorders and addiction to foods. Although they both are qualified in health and wellbeing, they felt nervous sharing this private side of their life. I thought their bravery and desire to bring up the subject was inspiring.

If you find any of the things we talked about distressing, there are links to organisations below so you can seek help for issues with eating.

If you would like to get in touch with Lauren you can find her here: 

Instagram: @Lauren_gale_nutrition  


Instagram: @marisa.bull 


Here are links to the organisations mentioned in the podcast:

Beat - or @beatedsupport

Over Eaters Anonymous (OA) -

Greysheet Meetings (GSA) -  

Food Addicts Anonymous (FA) - 

Thank you both for joining me on the show.

And, here’s wishing you all the very best of health. 



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Thank you for listening. 

Here’s wishing you all good health! 



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