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Rob Cooling - EV's and why he'd rather walk than drive a manual car.
Episode 716th May 2021 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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Rob Cooling is an EV enthusiast and expert and, in this episode, he shares his knowledge explaining why EV's are the future and how we get to that future. Rob also shares his experiences within the industry, including how his learning experience impacted the way the teaches now. Rob explains how he smoothly transitioned from manual to electric and why he'd never drive a manual car again.  You can check out some of Robs videos and website here, and follow him on Facebook.  We are also joined by Chris Bensted of the DITC to give us a round up of all the latest ADI news. You can find out more about the DITC here. And if you'd like more information about me, this podcast or just want to get in touch, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or check the website out - You can also send in voice messages to be played on the show if you'd like to give your opinions on any of the topics covered. Just click here.