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S3 | EP #1 - What is Vocal Coaching?
16th June 2021 • Your Voice Matters - by Inês Moura • Inês Moura
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Ep1 - What is Vocal Coaching? 

Vocal Coaching is a relatively new area that has only in the last decades been accessible to people who want to communicate better professionally, but who are neither singers nor actors.

Now, what does a vocal coach?

Vocal Coaching exists to enhance one's communication and voice skills, especially for those who already are at a very top level.

It can be:

👉 Use voice variations more effectively to sound more persuasive.
👉 Add expressiveness and congruency to the speech. 
👉 Feel comfortable and confident while speaking to others.
Among many other aspects. 

Did I always wanted to be Vocal Coach?

It's a complex and fascinating field of knowledge?

Find out more about my journey. 

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