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23: Lessons Learned in 2018
Episode 239th January 2019 • The Elevate Effect™ • Kathryn Binkley
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It's a brand new year and I've been reflecting on the last year quite a bit. I'm sure you have been too and I bet that there are some lessons that you've learned. For me, it was a really big year in many ways and I can say that without a doubt the rest of my life will look differently because of the lessons I've learned.

One thing I've learned about lessons is that you can look at something as a failure or reframe it as a necessary lesson that you needed to learn in order to be successful. 

All of these lessons are a part of my journey to get to success and I don't look at any of them as massive failures or anything I would want to change.  Maybe I wouldn't have wished for them outright but knowing the lessons I've learned makes it all worth it!  

So here are the lessons I've learned in 2018:

  • Even when you think you're playing big, you can go bigger. 
  • Playing big or small is relative and it's likely that what was once big and scary is now small and safe. I thought that I was playing big but when I really looked at what was going on, I realized that I was still playing small. Playing bigger was going to require that first, I dreamed bigger! So, this year, I really upleveled my dreams and the actions that are going to be required to get there.
  • I want to help more women fulfill their potential and build a business and a life that lights them up! The only way for me to do that was to get a little more uncomfortable and step into the spotlight.

"Even when you think you're playing big, you can go bigger." -Kathryn Binkley

  • More equals less and less equals more. 
  • I'm sure you've heard of the phrase,"less equals more" quite a bit but this "more equals less" thing was new to me. This year, I got really excited about and distracted by three new programs that I dreamed up. As a visionary in my business, I have absolutely no limit of new ideas. I had to learn how to park those ideas, repurpose them, or simply say no. I learned that creating more offers actually meant spreading myself too thin, splitting up my marketing efforts, confusing potential prospects or even cannibalizing my other programs.
  • More equals less! More equals less money and less time. Trying to do more or all the things doesn't work in your favor. What I realized was that I already have everything I need to scale to 7 figures and beyond... I don't need to create another offer to get there.
  • Stop saying, "someday" or "someday soon". 
  • I knew not to keep saying "someday" but there was this subtle difference in my mind thinking that "someday soon" was ok. I kept feeling like my next breakthrough was almost here, so I would work harder to get there. But it wasn't at all about how hard I worked. If I was operating out of the belief that it was coming verses it was already here, then it doesn't matter how hard I worked. I had to shift and start doing things before I felt that I was ready!
  • Asking for help builds relationships! 
  • I love that I am independent but it can also be a weakness of mine. I don't like to ask for help! This year, it really helped me to learn how asking for help can build greater relationships. Here are two examples of that.
  • Tanya and I met when we were in the same coaching program and at first, we weren't sure about each other. After getting to know one another, asking one another for help and talking about things that were really hard to talk about in our business, we bonded. Now, we've met for over a year every single week as accountability partners, have become biz besties and have built a wonderful friendship as well.
  • My second example was when I broke my arm back in August. This was huge for me because breaking my arm meant that I had to ask for a lot of help! I had to ask for help from my husband and I believed it may have saved our marriage! The fact that I wasn't completely independent and actually needed him, changed things for us. I realized there is nothing like actually depending on someone and feeling cared for when they do help you.

"You have the choice to define something as either a failure, or a lesson to help you succeed in the future. Which will it be for you?" - Kathryn Binkley

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