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Episode 734: Bonza, a smattering of military and Qantas maintenance woes
Episode 73425th January 2023 • The Australia Desk • Southern Skies Media
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After the Geeks asking how long the boys have been producing the OzDesk, they start with a bit of history and how they started submitting news via email, then recording separately until, on Episode 52 in June 2009, the first OzDesk was heard. With almost 300 OzDesks produced, Grant's very happy that he's only had to admit this next bit very few times. Yes, Grant was wr... He was incorr... OK, yeah, he screwed up by saying that Bonza weren't using travel agents at all. Bzzzzt! They are using agents but their clients still have to download Bonza's app. Ooops...

Meanwhile, Bonza's announced their first route which will be from the Sunshine Coast up to the Whitsundays, aka Prosperpine airport. Their first flight will be on 31st January so we're looking forward to seeing how they develop from there.

Grant tries to head off the next big news item by diverting to military news, such as:

Despite Grant's best efforts, they have to talk about the Qantas maintenance news items which have been making headlines, but the biggest shock is that the boys are in agreement with Qantas management on this topic. Who knew, right?





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