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James Garrett Jr. AIA and 4RM+ULA Are Not Letting Any Grass Grow Under Their Feet
Episode 21715th December 2022 • The Zweig Letter • Zweig Group
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In this episode of the Zweig Letter Podcast, host Randy Wilburn interviews James Garrett Jr., an architect from the St. Paul, Minnesota area who has received several design awards in the past few years. We originally had James on the podcast right after the George Floyd incident in the Summer of 2020.

"I always sort of on the front end of sort of actively thinking about what's the next thing is, this thing that we're currently doing, the best possible use of our time and our energy and our resources." -James Garrett Jr.

James Garrett Jr. is a managing partner and co-founder of 4RM+ULA Architects, an architectural firm based in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is also a board member of the American Institute of Architects Minnesota and a recipient of the AIA Minnesota Gold Medal.

James Garrett Jr. has been pushing the needle forward in the design industry for more than two decades. He recently received several awards and is now in the process of transitioning into a new physical office space with two other black businesses. To ensure success, James advises young entrepreneurs to get a partner with a different skill set and perspective. He also suggests looking at historically black colleges and universities for design talent. By connecting with other businesses and taking risks, James is elevating the design industry one step at a time.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. The importance of having a partner in business, especially one with a skill set that complements your own.

2. The benefits of coworking with other businesses, especially those with similar goals.

3. The importance of mentoring young people in the design industry.


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