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Riverdale High AV Club - Megan and Ezra 11th July 2020
Talking Red: Riverdale Season 1 w/ Adal Rifai!
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Talking Red: Riverdale Season 1 w/ Adal Rifai!

Join Megan and Ezra in their very first episode of Talking Red, the show after the show where we have the chance to revisit the season as a whole. Spoilers ahoy!

In this episode Megan and Ezra are joined by two very special guests! First up is friend of the podcast, and number one fan, Megan and Ezra's mom - Marie! [01:22] With hot takes on who is the most tragic, and some fierce competition for best (and worst) dressed, she offers some great insight into the show.

Up next, is super podcaster Adal Rifai (@adalrifai) who you may remember from such great podcasts as Hey Riddle Riddle, Hello From the Magic Tavern, and Siblings Peculiar! [01:07:13] Adal shares his high school experience, some thoughts on Miss Grundy, and answers the question for all of our listeners, "Should I too watch Riverdale?"

Cover art by the incredibly talented Nina (@artinverted on Instagram)!