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Episode 211th January 2021 • Get 2 Vet • Trevor Maxwell
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In this episode, Mike and Trevor give the audience some background about themselves.

Mike Riggs is currently a US Navy Command Master Chief set to retire in October 2021 after 30 years. Coming from a small town in West Virginia, Mike decided to join the Navy in order to give him some direction in his life. Starting his career as an ET (Electronics Technician), he made the decision to apply to the Navy's EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) after a chance encounter witnessing one of their training evolutions.

Trevor Maxwell is a retired US Navy Senior Chief with 20 years of service. He came from a background very similar to Mike's, small town in West Virginia, joining the Navy to find some direction, and eventually making his way to the Navy EOD community. He retired in May of 2018, and has been working in the Financial Services Industry since then, where he specializes in assisting Military Retirees through the transition process.

Mike and Trevor first met in 2006 when they served on an EOD detachment that was tasked with supporting Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) platoons. Since then, they have continued to work closely on and off through their careers, and support their beloved West Virginia University Mountaineers, which eventually led to the creation of the Get 2 Vet podcast.

Today, they continue to pursue their passion of sharing information about the military transition process, and facilitating professional connections to create opportunities for transitioning service members and veterans.

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