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Israel. From Exodus to Triumph: Unveiling Miracles, Conflict, and Divine Intervention in the Promised Land
5th November 2023 • One Little Candle • Rebecca
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One Little Candle  Episode 94 In today's episode, titled "Israel. From Exodus to Triumph: Unveiling Miracles, Conflict, and Divine Intervention in the Promised Land," we will be providing you with the amazing story of the incredible journey of the nation of Israel through Amir Tsarfati's teaching, "The Miracle Called Israel." From biblical times to modern-day events,  miraculous moments have shaped this remarkable nation.  Join us as we delve into the birth of the name Israel, the stories of biblical figures such as Moses and David, and the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.  Additionally, we will also touch upon recent events, including the challenges faced by Israel, the controversial peace deals, and the rise of anti-Semitism.  So get ready for an eye-opening discussion on the past, present, and future of Israel, and the undeniable hand of God in its journey. EPISODE TIME STAMP 00:04:23 Miraculous history of Israel, proof of God's will. 00:08:01 Uninformed supporters of Hamas and climate change. 00:12:17 Israel withdrew, gave control to Palestinians, harboring Hamas. Palestinians oppressed, need freedom from ideology and Hamas. 00:20:08 Leaders' inability to confront evil is concerning. 00:21:56 Left counters intersectionality; criticizes white supremacy. 00:29:37 Amir Sarfati's message on Israel, anti-Semitism. 00:34:31 God's miracles throughout generations shape our existence. 00:40:17 Pharaoh values Joseph's wise and discerning advice. 00:47:55 First temple built, Solomon humbly asks for guidance. 00:49:41 Deliverance from Egypt to promised land. Pillar of cloud and fire. 00:55:47 Ancient calendars have a missing date - why? In Joshua, the Lord stopped time for a day. 00:59:44 Palestine's statehood dilemma, arming struggles, external support. 01:09:47 Israeli defense prevents terrorist attack, opposition to recognizing Israel in US politics. Truman misled but surprised his team. 01:12:16 British government supports Jewish homeland in Palestine. 01:17:22 God's intervention brings Ethiopians to safety. Israel's territorial gains post-PLO establishment. 01:25:54 Jesus returns, they mourn, repent after tribulation. 01:27:40 Believe in Jesus for freedom and salvation. 01:33:30 Speak against anti-Semitism, stop Jewish hate, social media activism, support Israel, condemn anti-Semitism, government action needed.




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