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The PR Problem of Manufacturing: Perception vs. Reality
Episode 29 β€’ 30th August 2023 β€’ ReMake Manufacturing β€’ Red-Fern Media SOlutions Limited
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Our returning guest this week is Russell Watkins. He is influencing and redesigning the manufacturing landscape. Russell is the co-founder of Sempai and is a leading figure in Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System principles. With his rich expertise, Russell has been driving forward a multitude of businesses, from those with a Β£1m turnover to those with a Β£6bn turnover, over the last 17 years. From shopfloors in Europe to boardrooms in Asia, Russell's transformative work has touched four continents, upskilling more than a thousand people and enabling over a hundred businesses to thrive. Whether it’s consulting for a Toyota Group company, creating the JCB Production System, or establishing Lean Academies for billion-pound global manufacturing businesses, Russell's impact has been far-reaching.

We discuss:

  • The PR problem in manufacturing, including public perception and misconceptions about the industry
  • The challenge of attracting and retaining talent in manufacturing, particularly with younger generations
  • The challenges and advantages for smaller manufacturers in lean implementation
  • The importance of human decision-making in the face of advancing AI technology

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