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Balancing Budgets, Broadcasting and Babies – Guest: Leigh McNabb, OM Des Moines Radio Group
Episode 14720th May 2021 • Brandwidth On Demand • David Martin & Kipper McGee
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It’s something to which many women of young children can relate: balancing work and home life. In fact, today’s guest says she does nothing but work and mom…work and mom. Hard to argue, since Leigh McNabb had her first baby about the time she became OPERATIONS MANAGER for the 10-Brand Des Moines Radio Group. THEN, she had TWINS… within the same calendar year!  Leigh has over two decades of commercial radio experience where she hosted a #1 rated morning show and programming a #1 rated radio station with stints in markets like Champaign Rockford and Kansas City before moving home to Des Moines, where she’s again making her mark.


(2:09)  As a veteran broadcaster, OM, PD and host, Leigh offers some advice for people starting out in the industry today to help them succeed in tomorrow’s media world.

(3:57) Leigh describes being a first-time multi-mom as she was arriving in a new market. We learn what Leigh looks at first when entering a new market, and shares some of the INITIAL THINGS she looks at to evaluate the current situation and staff!

(6:31) With the pandemic nearing the rear-view mirror, Leigh notes how this experience may change what she’ll be looking for in future applicants

(9:18) With Leigh’s impressive track record, clearly she’s worked with some exceptional people and some ‘not-so-good’ bosses, too. She reveals what they did and HOW they did it, all to make her a better radio pro.

(13:07) Leigh shares critical tips for an employee who wants to make themselves INDISPENSABLE now, and be ready to move up through the ranks at a good company.