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392 | Dreaming Again!
Episode 3928th April 2022 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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In a recent social media poll, Cayla discovered that 99% of participants have a dream, but sadly only 25% of them have a plan in place to achieve it. Why? There are a lot of reasons that could be happening - frustration, past disappointment, playing the comparison game. But let’s get out of that rut and start dreaming again. What does it mean to dream? This episode is all about what prevents you from dreaming and gives you some practical action steps you can take to follow your dreams.

You will learn:

  • [2:20] - Cayla describes a time when she felt expanded enough to follow her dream.
  • [3:19] - We all have a dream and today you need to take action.
  • [4:13] - We have been discouraged from dreaming.
  • [5:45] - If you do not follow your dream, who is missing out?
  • [6:48] - Release your expectations of other people and how things might turn out.
  • [7:57] - Do not expect other people to be kind or understanding. Focus on you.
  • [8:50] - Where are you settling for average in your life?
  • [9:56] - Show up every day with your dream in mind.
  • [11:32] - Cayla shares the results of a social media poll about the frustration of pursuing your dream.
  • [13:12] - Cayla could stop pursuing her dream and live comfortably, but explains why she never will.
  • [15:06] - Most people live in a state of self-sabotage.
  • [16:15] - Guard, protect, and cultivate your dream.

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